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About Us

We are an international community of Learning Power practitioners, committed to deepening our practice in each Design Principle of the Learning Power Approach.

These principles include:

- Deepening, broadening and strengthening collaboration skills

- Instilling a relish for self-driven challenge

- Giving children agency and ownership over their learning

- Developing self-guided reflection skills

Our aims are to:

  • Prepare our learners for an uncertain and changing world
  • Empower ourselves, each other and our learners
  • Systematically deepen our practice in each Design Principle of the Learning Powered Approach
  • Use and link the LPA framework with any educational context
  • Connect and collaborate with like-minds

Why You Should Join Us

Shared values

Our values are aligned and powerful. Everyone in this group deeply cares about the children in their classrooms and are driven to improve their skills as independent, confident learners. 

Open-ended learning driven by you

We’ve created a structure through which we can explore and deepen learning together. What you do – what you investigate, how you improve, how you include your learners – is driven by you. You can take this in any direction you want to, and fit your learning to your context. No matter where you are in the world; no matter what context in which you are teaching, you will grow within this group and meet a bunch of awesome practitioners at the same time.

Safety is the launchpad to risk-taking

As we create safe spaces within our classrooms so children can take risks, we’ve created a safe space online where we can openly talk about challenges, and warmly challenge one another in our practice.

Learning Power Practitioners sometimes feel alone - they feel they have a calling to make learning more relevant and meaningful to their students - the Learning Power Approach resonates deeply with their core values and purpose as a teacher, but they sometimes don't have enough brilliant minds to share ideas with.

This community is all about gathering together, sharing a vision and getting unstuck as a team.

A Big Thanks

The ideas that are bursting out of this community are mind-blowing - real people with real solutions that deeply impact on their learners.

Thank you so much for generously contributing to this impact. On you. On the children in your classrooms. And on the people around you. You matter and you are what makes this community explosive. I have so much appreciation for your commitment and contribution to this community. You rock!

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